Making the Jump to Engineering Management

After almost a decade working as an individual contributor — with a few short stints in engineering leadership-adjacent roles — I've decided to finally make the jump to engineering management.

Today is my first day as an Engineering Manager at Endeavor.

Beyond learning an entirely new skillset, I'm particularly excited about this new role for a few key reasons.

First, Endeavor is just an incredibly interesting and exciting company to go to work for. They've got their hands in a broad swath of the sports and entertainment industries, from being one of the largest talent agencies and sports and event management companies in the world to being the parent company of the UFC and PBR — and so, so much more.

Secondly, I'll be working with several friends from my time at TED. The TED Tech team was one of the smartest and most close-knit groups that I've ever worked with and getting a chance to go work with a bunch of them again is super exciting.

And lastly, I'll be leading a team at an internal incubator charged with innovating and building the next generation of Endeavor's business. The William Morris Agency — the precursor to today's Endeavor — was formed almost 124 years ago… and a company doesn't survive for 124 years by remaining stagnant. Endeavor has innovated and grown their business decade-after-decade and I'm looking forward to playing a (small) part in writing the next chapter of that story.

I'll likely be hiring for my team very soon, so if you're interested in working with me, don't hesitate to reach out!