• General

    Introducing a Fresh New Look

    This past weekend, I finally decided it was time to refresh things around here. Despite the fact that I still felt the old design looked pretty good, I didn't feel that the underlying technology and overall feel were particularly reflective of how I (or, increasingly, anyone) build sites these days.
  • WordPress

    WordPress Multisite Architecture with the Theme Features API

    Lately I've found myself working with an ever increasing number of WordPress multisite installations, each built with a slightly different approach than the others. As a result, I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to architect these networks to maximize code clarity and maintainability.
  • Frontend

    Separation of Concerns

    In short, separation of concerns is a guiding principal in software development centered on the idea that programs should have distinct sections, with each section being responsible for its own concern.
  • General

    Turning Passions Into Side Projects

    Up until recently, I've never been great at launching my side projects, though... they were always something I just toiled away with until I had the knowledge I wanted, then I'd ditch them.

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