CSS Dev Conf

Well, CSS Dev Conf has drawn to a close… and I must say, it was an absolutely incredible experience. I met a lot of super smart people and learned a ton.

I came home refreshed and with renewed passion. I’m really looking forward to applying a lot of the things that I learned to my next projects.

The Hotel Monteleone was such a beautiful venue.

I want to give a special thank you to Ari, Christopher, and Elizabeth from Environments 4 Humans for putting on such a spectacular conference.

I’m sure it can’t be easy to coordinate such a large conference (somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 attendees), but they sure made it look like it was.

If you’re interested, my slides can be found here.

IMG_1564 IMG_1569

Moving On

I am excited to announce that next week I will begin work as a Web Engineer with 10up.

For the last year and a half, I have been the Director of Web Development at a small agency called Duncan/Day Advertising.

I’m not leaving because of any ill feelings towards the agency or my previous bosses. In fact, I’m quite fond of everyone there and the decision to move on wasn’t easy.

The fact is, though, that in order for me to continue to grow as a developer at the pace that I would like, it’s necessary for me to work with other developer. The opportunity to work with a team of people as smart and talented as those at 10up was one too good to pass up.

I have a feeling that I will learn more over the next two or three months than I could’ve on my own in two or three years.

I’m excited about the opportunity to learn directly from people whom I’ve looked up to in the WordPress community for so long.

What the Future Holds

You may have read that I recently sold my collection of premium themes, which I was publishing under the Lucid Theme brand. The decision to sell was based on a few things, particularly due to slow sales growth and the non-compete agreement that I’ve signed with 10up (something that I have absolutely no issue with, to be clear).

I felt it was extremely important to cut down on the number of projects that I’m working on, so I can focus fully on giving the team at 10up the best that I have to offer… and running a theme shop takes a lot of time and effort.

I will continue to blog on CSSForge, though… in fact, it’s the only side project that I won’t be shutting down.

All in all, I couldn’t be more excited about everything that is happening right now and I’m really looking forward to getting started with the 10up folks next week.

Your IT guy is not your web developer

Another link post today. I came across something Cody Landefeld wrote a few weeks ago and enjoyed the read.

“It’s a common misconception that people who use computers or work on computers for a living know everything about computers.

Do your parents or grandparents still call you when their printer isn’t working or worse yet ask for help with how to get on Facebook? It’s not a stretch to assume that your computer savvy nephew or grandson can also build your website.

Here’s a little story. A client of ours previously used an IT firm to build their website.”

Read the rest of the post.

Workspace Upgrade


Decided to give my workspace a little bit of an upgrade today. I picked up a new desk from IKEA to replace the old executive-style desk that I was using, which I wasn’t a fan of because I’m a lefty and there was no left-handed note-taking space.

Also grabbed some Cyber Acoustics speakers off Amazon.

The best part: it only took about 30 minutes to assemble this desk.

On Being (or Not Being) a “Dev”

Post Status wrote about a post from Zé Fontainhas on his blog, called “On Being (or Not Being) a ‘Dev’“.

Zé puts in words a lot of the things that I’ve felt over the years. While the WordPress community has been extremely welcoming in most situations, there are still times when people get a little judgmental.

Anyways, it’s a great thought piece that I felt was worth sharing.