The Best Company Launch Video Ever

Dollar Shave Club, as far as I’m concerned, has won the internet. DSC released their first ad earlier this week and it went viral shortly thereafter. Admittedly, they’re borrowing quite heavily from Old Spice in their campaign, but I’ll forgive them because of how awesome this video is.

They’ve also capitalized on their viral success by engaging people through several different social media channels, especially on their Twitter account. It’s extremely rare and truly refreshing to see such a new company understand their brand, their message and how to capitalize on it so quickly.

What do you think? Completely awesome or a total Old Spice ripoff? Sound off in the comments!

New Rules For Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Timelines are officially here and a lot of brands have really stepped up their game. I’m a huge fan of what Livestrong, Captain Morgan, Red Bull, Nike, and a lot of other brands have done already. Timeline Cover Photos (the 850px x 315px images at the top of Facebook Timelines) are an incredible way for brands to showcase who they are and what they do.

There are, however, four very strict rules on the way that brands can use their cover photos.

  • Price or purchase information.
  • Contact information (web address, email address, etc.)
  • References to Facebook features (“Like” this page, etc.)
  • Calls to action (“Get it now”, “Tell your friends”, etc.)

Though these rules create some limitations, most brands have had little trouble finding interesting and engaging ways of using their new Timeline Cover Photos.

What brand has your favorite Timeline Cover Photo? Let me know in the comments!